Bryan Anaya

DYNAMIC & VISIONARY EXECUTIVE with hands-on experience building top teams, guiding the strategic design direction, and providing world-class digital experiences for small through enterprise organizations. Thought leader in guiding teams to deliver powerful user experiences and building innovative tools and products that drive measurable results. Played a key role in developing original design systems at Microsoft; world-class design systems, internal platforms, and native applications at; and the original UX strategy, processes, and team at BrainGu.

UX Leader

Combining Design & Engineering Expertise To Amplify Brand Strategy, Storytelling, & Revenue Growth

Multi-disciplined UX

Brought knowledge and experience to build out a UX organization from scratch

Organization wide impact

Designed and developed design systems that impacts organization-wide products

Cross functional coordination

Worked with multiple Business Units to improve the customerʼs UX and development velocity

Multi-device experience

Managed teams focused on web, mobile devices, and native applications (iOS and Android)

Passionate Leader

Mentored, promoted, and coached people of all walks of life in UX, career, fitness, and other areas

User Experience

Design & Develop Software & Solutions, Resolve Complex Business Issues, & Deliver Results

Interaction Design

Designed scenario flows for web and mobile devices

Visual Design

Directed the foundations of Design Systems for visual consistency

Frontend Development

Deployed production level code reaching millions of users daily


Ran usability studies to influence product and design direction


Built rapid prototypes for usability studies, executive buy-in, and explorations


Director of UX & UI

* As a defense contractor, BrainGu work is classified and cannot be disclosed

A Transformational Leader

Previous to Bryan's arrival at BrainGu, UX did not exist. In under six months, Bryan built a team of designers, a design technologist, and design operations manager. He integrated design thinking and the entire design process into a world that had never experienced anything like it. Recognition of his effort has come from the highest level of the Air Force as the Chief of Staff of the Air Force was shown three projects Bryan and team delivered in under 90 days.


WIDOW is a mission planning application for the Air Force that BrainGu has developed. Initially, it was designed and developed as a prototype by engineers. Since Bryan's arrival, it has evolved into a robust product that is becoming more widespread in the Air Force. Even the Navy has begun to pick up the application. Bryan and his team redesigned the entire look and feel of the application. They also revamped the user experience entirely from the ground up to make it easier to use for specific roles. Development velocity increased, and consistency has been streamlined with the adoption of a Design System to bring everything together under one design language and coding methodology. All of these changes have happened under Bryan's direction and ability to influence internal and external stakeholders.


Senior Manager, UX & Design Engineering

* A brand refresh has required much of Bryan's work to be under NDA

Leadership that Delivers

Bryan helped grow the design engineering organization into what it has become today with over 80 full-time employees. He managed and led large teams and managers of teams across multiple products and business units. Bryan achieved a recurring annual cost savings of over $500K by streamlining licensing procedures. He led a team to champion WCAG compliance across the company.

Indeed Design System

Bryan made a lasting impact on millions of visitors every day by architecting, designing, and driving the development of a new atomic design system. Along with his design technologists and UX designers, he transformed the once Craig's list look-alike into today's Indeed. By delivering design consistency with the new design system, he gained 100% adoption from all Indeed designers in under three quarters. Bryan's influence and direction enabled Indeed to quickly adopt a strategy and leverage the benefits across the entire company.


Senior User Experience Designer


Bryan's decade-long tenure at Microsoft as a vendor and full-time employee gave him exposure to experiences he'd likely never had the opportunity to have. During his time there, he was able to see and experience the creation of UX as a discipline. During his time at Microsoft, his ability to easily switch between design and development gave him an edge. It allowed him the opportunities to push his knowledge and skills further in both domains.

Exchange, Server & Tools, GFS, Band, MWF,

Bryan spent time on several products ranging from hardware wearables to datacenter management to customer-facing applications and frameworks. He was part of the first team of developers to write the Microsoft Web Framework that powers over 5,000 properties owned by Microsoft. Today that framework has evolved into Fluent. He also translated designs and experiences from being on-premise only with Exchange to the cloud and mobile devices. He worked on "Big Data" with Global Foundation Services, the team that manages all of Microsoft's data centers. He worked on designs to unify eight different tools that address the entire process from procurement to analytics.